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CSL vs competitors

CSL is not the only lubricant capable of working well at high temperatures, nor is it the only lubricant capable of working well at low temperatures. It is the only one that works at high temperatures (660F) and low temperatures (-150F) without any change in torque and without the need for seals or shields to keep the lubricant in the bearing. And CSL allows the bearing to spin freely without dripping grease or oil.

CSL is un-affected by momentary flashes of extreme heat (as happens when a furnace door is opened) where ordinary greases would burn out.

CSL is unaffected by moderate radiation as is commonly found in sterilization processes where even specialty lubricants dry up and turn gummy.

CSL is unaffected by mild acids or alkalis, steam, or solvents. It will not dissolve and wash out during wash-down procedures common in food processing.
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