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Talk About Free Spinning

Many bearing manufacturers have a product they would consider “free spinning”. There are several ways to accomplish “free spinning”, some common ways are: use a low viscosity grease or oil; run them dry; use a low drag non-contact seal; run them open; use a nylon cage. Each of these methods can realize some degree of “free spinning” as compared to regular lubricated and sealed product. Each method, however, also has a down side to its use. For example: running dry dramatically shortens bearing life; running open offers no protection against contaminates; nylon cage will limit useful application temperatures; low viscosity grease or oil lubricates poorly at high temperatures; etc.

CSL lubricated bearings will spin much more freely over a longer period of time without the downsides common to the above methods. In fact, the CSL lubricated bearings with spin free regardless of operating temperature (but within the -150 to +660F range).

But why should you care about free spinning? Lots of answers to this question! Some answers are universal to all application (like reduced energy consumption and reduced ware on associated gears boxes) while other answers are application specific (like stretch in plastic, alignment in printed product, wide temperature variations in the same application, paper converting, etc.).

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