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Talk about metal cages

Bearings are designed in several basic cage styles. The first style is actually no cage. This is generally called full complement. This means that there is no additional room to fit another ball. There will be a space between two of the balls that is smaller than one ball. There is usually a notch in each of the races such that when aligned it becomes a fill slot to put the balls into the race. This style maximizes the load capacity at the sacrifice of speed. These can usually be processed with CSL.

Another style is caged max fill. It will also have the notched races for a fill slot but this style has the max number of balls that can fit with the cage. This is a compromise of max load and speed. These can usually be processed with CSL.

A third style is caged without fill slot (Conrad). This bearing uses a cage to separate the balls equally around the races. This is the most common style and has maximum speed capability. The cage, however, can be made of several different materials: stamped metal; machined bronze; molded nylon; and composite are the most common. Nylon and Composite caged bearings cannot be processed with CSL. Machined bronze can sometimes be processed and stamped steel can be processed with CSL.
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