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Talk about set screws

Insert bearings are usually a light slip fit onto the shaft and will use some method to “lock” the bore of the bearing to the shaft to prevent slip of the shaft in the bore of the bearing. The most common (and least expensive) way to accomplish this is with two set screws. They are usually offset from each other by 120 degrees and intended to be tightened according to bearing manufacturers specs. They seldom are. All too often they are over tightened causing the inner race of the bearing to deform and become oval. This usually results premature failure. Following bearing manufacturers torque recommendations will prevent this from happening. Another precautionary note: if the shaft is undersized for the bearing, the set screws will cause the shaft and bearing to not be concentric and the result may be vibration, especially noticeable at high speeds. Eccentric locking collars or squeeze lock collars may give better performance, especially at higher speeds.
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