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Talk about conveyors and conveyor products

CSL has proven to be a great lubricant for nearly all conveyor systems. Overhead, floor systems, Power & Free, gravity conveyors, full complement, caged, roller turn rolls, etc. can all be lubricated with CSL. The benefits are often amazing!

The first big benefit is lower drag on the system. In one system with about 1100 3” trolleys the amp draw went from 18 amps down to 5 amps. This not only means you will pay less for electricity, but lower drag means less stress on the links, pins, gearbox, drive motor, and roller turn rolls. Those components may also last longer and your energy usage (your electricity bill) will be less!

In some applications, like paint lines, other benefits are realized. Unlike oil or grease, the CSL cannot drip. Newly painted parts will not be ruined by oil drips on them! No more scrapping defects or stripping and repaint due to drips.

With conveyor systems that are not processed with CSL, auto lube systems are often used to provide some re-lubrication for trolleys that have dripped out the oil due to high temperature. Most often, these systems require the trolley to be open on at least one side. Airborne contaminates can quickly clog up the trolley, sometimes causing the trolley to drag along the track creating a flat spot on the wheel and, even worse, cause excessive ware on the rail! With CSL, the trolley is shielded and the auto lube system should be shut down or removed. The facility can look better and smell better with CSL and with no more oil or grease dripping on parts or on the floor, some safety issues may be eliminated.

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