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Talk about rust

Rust on bearings is usually the result of chemical reaction of the bearing steel and moisture. To prevent this from happening, you must either: 1. have no moisture present; 2. use bearing materials not ordinarily capable of rusting (300 grade stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic); or 3.somehow prevent the oxygen from getting to the bearing steel.

The most practical method is usually number 3. There are many methods to accomplish this including plating, special phosphate coatings and oxides, surface treatments, and many variations of each. None of these processes will stop rust forever, but rather may delay its start or slow its growth.

Grease, oil, CSL- EP, and CSL-EPN will all, to some degree, slow the growth or start of rust. The regular CSL, however, has no liquid in it and the bearing processed with CSL may be more prone to rust in high humidity applications than the same bearing with grease or oil.

High heat will make bearings rust even faster. In this case, the CSL-EP or CSL-EPN may be an effective product to slow the start or growth of rust.

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