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About Cobra Solid Lubricant (CSL)

CSL (Cobra Solid Lubricants) is graphite based solid lubricant specifically designed for ball and roller bearings. It is a mixture of graphite and binders that is prepared in such a way as to allow the mixture to be injected into the clean bearing and then thermally cured to harden the mixture within the bearing. The solidified mixture will fill nearly 100% of the space between the inner and outer races of the bearing, encapsulating the balls or rollers and the cage.

When the bearing rotates (or moves in any manner) the graphite lubricant moves in conjunction with the cage and balls or rollers. Any movement will cause the graphite to deposit on every surface that it touches leaving a thin film of graphite on the surface. The thin film of graphite prevents metal to metal contact between the balls or rollers and the races and provides a low coefficient of friction for the balls or rollers to roll over the races.
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