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CSL450EPN - This product utilizes the proprietary UTA Nano Technology to achieve the highest speeds, quietest and smoothest performance of the CSL products. It is unprecedented in its ability to increase service life by reducing wear caused by high speed, high loads, and high temperatures. The superior performance of the product is a result of the unique shape and size of the nanomaterial and innovative and patented method of their utilization with CSL.

This product is generally not used in sub-zero temperatures or in applications where extreme contamination is present.

Useable temperature range: 250F up to +450F (note: C4 or greater internal clearance and heat stabilized bearings may be required at temperatures above 450F).

The bearing will have a tacky feel, leave black residue on hands (easily washed off and not harmful to skin), and will have slightly more drag than the dry CSL450.

This product may provide some corrosion protection against caustic chemical vapors or temperature caused oxidation.

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