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Conveyor applications

Conveyors and Conveyor Products

CSL has proven to be a great lubricant for nearly all conveyor systems. Overhead systems, inverted systems, Enclosed Track systems, Power & Free, gravity conveyors, roller turn rolls, track rollers, hex bore bearings, etc. can all be lubricated with CSL. The benefits are often amazing! The first big benefit is lower drag on the system. Lower drag means less stress on the links, pins, gearbox, drive motor, and roller turn rolls. Those components may also last longer and energy usage (your electricity bill) will be less!

In some applications, like paint lines, other benefits are realized. Unlike oil or grease, the CSL cannot drip. Newly painted parts will not be ruined by oil drips on them! No more scrapping defects or stripping and repainting due to drips.

With conveyor systems that are not processed with CSL, auto lube systems are often used to provide some re-lubrication for trolleys that have dripped out the oil due to high temperature. Most often, these systems require the trolley to be open on at least one side. Airborne contaminates can quickly clog up the trolley, sometimes causing the trolley to drag along the track creating a flat spot on the wheel, wear on the pins and links, chain stretch, and even worse, cause excessive ware on the rail!

With CSL, the trolley is shielded and the auto lube system should be shut down or removed. The facility can look better and smell better with CSL and with no more oil or grease dripping on parts or on the floor, some safety issues may be eliminated.

Important Notes:
A. When processed with CSL, conveyor products are “lubed for life”. AutoLube Systems should be shut off.

B. All conveyor products processed with CSL are engineered to perform from sub-zero temperatures up to 660F.

C. Trolleys must be processed with CSL prior to mounting on the arm or installation of shields. UTA has special arrangements with several conveyor manufacturers to accommodate this requirement. Because of this, it is usually required that UTA supply the whole package of trolley with CSL. Equivalent replacement for original equipment is usually no problem.

D. Wheels and Hex Bore bearings should be processed with CSL before shields are installed. It is often more convenient for UTA to supply the whole package of wheel and CSL.

E. Roller Turn Rolls are only available as complete products processed with CSL.

F. UTA does not install conveyor products or systems.

Conveyor Applications

Paint Lines and Powder Coat Lines
CSL processed trolleys will roll with little drag. This helps the pins, links, drive motors, and gear boxes of the conveyor system last longer. It will also reduce energy consumption! With no liquid lubricant in the trolleys, there will be no drip and thus fewer defective parts due to “fisheye” or other paint related defects. CSL processed trolley will be shielded front and rear helping to keep the paint spray or powder dust out of the trolley. CSL processed trolleys easily handle the temperatures associated with the curing ovens.

Food Conveyors
Whether the product is being baked, smoked, or chilled, CSL processed conveyor components will handle the temperatures, wash downs (use Stainless Steel where required), or other unique conditions of the food processing industry. And CSL is an NSF H-1 listed product.

Products from Pharmaceuticals to Food to Nuts and Bolts are all serviced through packaging lines. Conditions vary according to product being packaged. Whether dusty or sterile clean, hot or cold, lightning fast or very slow, CSL may improve the reliability of the line by reducing required maintenance and down time.

Assembly Lines
Whether using Power and Free systems, Hand Push Trolleys, Gravity or Live conveyors, assembly interruptions are costly. CSL processed bearings and wheels are “lubed for life”, spin free, and won’t drip or fling grease or oil. Moving product through the assembly line can be smooth and efficient and work stoppage due to unscheduled down time will be rare.

High Heat Applications
Heat Treating furnaces, Paint Curing ovens, Baking ovens, Anodizing furnaces can all pose big problems with lubrication systems. CSL can work well at continuous temperatures up to 660F and short term temperature more than twice that high! And CSL will not burn in the presence of an open flame! No oil or grease to drip out, no re-lubrication needed.

Low Temperature Applications
Whether your conveyor system is inside a cold storage facility, flash freezing “just baked pizza”, packaging ice cream, or running outdoors between warehouse buildings in Canada, cold is a problem. CSL processed conveyor trolleys and rolls will turn free with no additional drag caused by increase viscosity of oil or grease. This low drag will help prolong motor life, reduce energy consumption, reduce were on drive gears and chains, and help keep your facility up and running even in the most severe cold weather!

Radiation Conveyor Systems
Many products are required to be sterilized for safety purposes. Cosmetic, baby products, fruits and vegetables, spices, packaged fresh vegetables, medical devices, etc. are just some of the products regularly sterilized. Three popular ways to accomplish this are: Chambers pressurized with EO (ethylene oxide); conveyor line for EBeam (high energy focused electron beam); and conveying product near a radiation (Cobalt 60) source. The Ebeam and Radiation processes are very hard on oil and grease lubricant since they tend to vaporize off the liquid content of the lubricant leaving only the resin like residue in the wheel or bearing. CSL has proven the very best performing and long lasting lubricant for these markets. It has been in use in this industry for more than 12 years with no failures! Maintenance of these conveyor line regarding lubrication has been reduced to zero.

Other radiation environment applications include robotic crawlers used to inspect areas inaccessible to humans; overhead cranes in Nuclear power plants or radioactive materials handling or processing.

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