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Unique Technologies Associates

42 Mileed Way, Avenel, New Jersey 07001
Phone: 1.732.882.0777
Fax: 1.732.882.1777
Email: info@utausa.com

Customer Assistance: 1.732.882.0777 x104 or email: alex@utausa.com
Technical Assistance: 1.732.882.0777 x195 or email: info@utausa.com
Accounting: 1.732.882.0777 x102 (Rochelle) or email: rochelle@utausa.com


States of IN, IL, WI, MI, MN, IA, MO, Western KY:
Gary Dexheimer. Cell: 1.260.403.1967 or email: gdex@utausa.com

States of OH, WV, PA, Eastern KY, Western NY:
Tim Schlernitzauer. Cell: 1.609.647.3760 or email: tim@utausa.com

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