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Unique Technologies Associates

Unique Technologies Associates is the manufacturer of Cobra Solid Lubricants for bearings. From our Avenel, NJ factory, we furnish product throughout North America.

Cobra Solid Lubricant is a proprietary, dry, solid graphite formula engineered to seal and lubricate bearings and conveyor wheels. It exhibits extraordinary performance even in the most difficult applications. The characteristics of our products allow for great extremes in temperature without any change in starting torque or lubricity.

Unlike common petroleum based lubricants, Cobra Solid Lubricants cannot be washed out by steam or other common solvents, acids, or alkalis except under direct high pressure stream. It cannot drip or fling and has virtually no outgassing when used in vacuum applications – even at high temperatures! Paper dust, fly ash, sand or other harsh particles have little opportunity to enter the ball path and clog the bearings. In severe conditions, these environmentally clean lubricants may substantially increase bearing life and eliminate periodic maintenance.
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